You can easily modify codes and add new features through this framework. You can easily remove bugs when you test your codes through this framework. Select your criteria (e.g., gender, ethnicity, emotion) in the filters and pick whichever fits your business. Enter your color code, select an initial color, or upload an image if you… Read More

The development uses different ways of prototyping the product idea in the early stage for development. Prototyping helps in receiving the user feedback instantly and assists in improving the functionality save a lot of time and the whole development cost. IoT product development experts use rapid iterations for producing tangible prototypes that can be viewed,… Read More

You can use natural app builders to create the primary model of your app – an MVP – and gather the feedback. It often initially takes place on a whiteboard or paper, permitting you to visualise your app’s person move in a simple method. Note that you simply might be tempted to address multiple issues,… Read More

Since 2013, more than 700 forward-thinking companies have entrusted us with a full design and development process. With extensive web development experience, we also consult our clients on what technologies can positively impact their business. We rely on advanced and robust technologies to deliver the most effective results. First impressions are crucial in the digital… Read More

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There are many benefits of clean code to developers and your company as a whole. It’s often not taught like this as introductory programming books often use comments to explain what some piece of code is doing. Test-driven development (TDD) can help you write cleaner code by forcing you to consider edge cases and expected… Read More

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The general approach to integrating werf with CI/CD systems is provided in the documentation. We can include anything we need in the CI pipeline, even if the learning curve for a good understanding of this process is slightly steeper than for other CI systems. This article discusses configuring the CI pipeline using Jenkins, Bitbucket, and… Read More

And, compared to onshoring, nearshoring is more gentle on your company bank accounts. Newxel can help you build a team with a higher retention rate (94%) to ensure quality consistency. Build a strong relationship with the offshore team to foster onshore software development trust and accountability. As you give your project to a different country,… Read More

We have helped many retail companies in their digitalization journey by developing feature-rich solutions like mobile POS, CRM, inventory management, warehouse management, and order management software. We have also helped retail businesses in establishing their brand on the internet with eCommerce development and integration services. In addition, cloud-based solutions let users connect with business partners,… Read More